Cupid’s Prank Ring (single)

Our Cupid’s Prank Rings are intricate, whimsical pieces feature a gold band with a beautiful cluster of rhinestone made flowers across the front. This bright shiny piece is the perfect accent band in a stack, wedding band, or a sparkly stand-alone staple piece. The garland style is a perfect fit for the flourishing Spring season! Material: Gold-plated brass & Rhinestone; The series also includes: Cupid’s Prank Ring (double) #garlandring

50 gift ideas to make for the mistress

The end of the school year is often the opportunity to thank the teacher (or master) and their ATSEM for their involvement in the education and learning of our children. To change flowers or chocolates, we suggest you involve your toddlers in the making of a homemade gift: a personalized Posca felt mug, a trendy tote-bag, a SOS cookie kit or other gourmet gift. … 50 DIY gift ideas for the mistress!